It Begins.

Greetings, true believers.

I’m Ganesh and this is my half-hearted attempt at a travel blog!

I leave for a two-month stay in Europe tomorrow night. I’ll be traveling to such diverse countries as Scotland and England! And I guess some of those other loser countries.

Just kidding, European Union. You know I love you.

Check this blog often to see exactly how long I’ve neglected to update it!

But, in the off-chance that you believe in miracles and the stars align, you can expect a unique take on the European cultural, political and geothermal landscape. A view filtered through the pop-culture obsessed eyes of a man-child raised to an alarming extent by Science Fiction and Traditional Sitcom Tropes.

While you’re waiting. Check out the side-bar where we have an about page and a Frequently Asked Questions that I’ve cleverly re-named!

My trip starts tomorrow. 9:05 PM. I board my flight from JFK in New York to Dublin, Ireland.

Are you ready?


…because I’m not.




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