Dublin, Ireland – There’s Something Poetic About How The Gaelic Word For ‘Man’ is ‘Fear’

My flight was at 9:00 at night and arrived at around 9 in the morning, dumping me off in Dublin with about 1 hour’s worth of sleep ( hence the title ) on the plane by using my Total Pillow.


It’s called that because it’s totally a pillow. Irregardless*, I did manage to get not one, but two in flight meals. And free beer. Obviously, I opted for the most Irish of beers: Heineken.

Upon meeting a friend, Konstantin, at the airport, we proceeded to our hotel. Upon arriving with very little sleep, we evaluated our options and proceeded with the wisest plan possible: venturing out into an unfamiliar city tired as hell.

Let me just begin by saying that Dublin’s weather scene can be described by four letters: ADHD.it can’t seem to decide if a day should be sunny or miserable.

Our First stop was the nearby Trinity College’s walking tour, where they were filming a Bollywood movie.

I know, right? Hilarious.


The plot, I’m told, is as follows:

An Indian scientist working at Trinity is secretly selling….secrets, I guess, to Pakistan. The Indian government sees fit to eliminate this threat by sending in a highly skilled and highly female operative. After 20 minutes of high octane dancing, they fall in love, despite his light treason. The rest writes itself.

After that little jaunt we saw the Book of Kells: an extremely ornate edition of the Four Gospels made in 800 AD. The detail on the pages is staggering, which further solidifies the fact that people back in the day had way too much time on their hands.

We then wandered down Grafton Street, Dublin’s major retail street and got lunch at a pub ( naturally ). As we sat down, a tiny old lady next to us was finishing her second glass of beer, and started on a small flute of wine. By the time we had finished eating, she had gone through two more beers and had ordered a glass of whiskey. I quietly sipped on my water ( with a slice of lemon ).

Next on our tour was St. Stephen’s Green, the Dublin miniature Central Park. On our way, I stumbled upon this example of brilliant Irish wit:


What you see is what you get.

Anyway, the park was beautiful, as expected, and several high class photos were taken.


Yes. I know. My goofy looking jacket and hat make me look like a man who lost a bet with a time machine. On the other hand, though, screw you.

I’m feeling more like sepia.


Ahh. There we go.

Finally, we hit a pub crawl. Because if we didn’t, it would be an embarrassment.

How many pubs are there in Dublin you ask?


We hit maybe 5.

All good fun and good booze.

Some had traditional Irish Music:


Others had traditional Irish games:


All had traditional Irish beer.

Then we collapsed.

Day two began with a quick breakfast. Note: the Irish concept of a bagel is flat and lacks the hole. Also worth noting, the pigeons around here are vicious. One tried to eat my foot.

Next up was a free three hour walking tour of Dublin’s sights. Really worthwhile stuff. Interesting history and color commentary. I won’t go into detail here because it was THREE. HOURS. LONG.

We followed that up with a visit to the National Museum of Archeology. They had some Major artifacts, including the Cross of Cong ( excavated, of course from his home on Skull Island ).

Supposedly, the cross had a piece of the one true cross embedded in it, but wouldn’t ya know, they lost it. I would think you’d keep something like that locked down. Guess not.

The museum also had remains of ancient humans preserved in peat. Including this one, who I am calling “Cro Magon O’Brien”:


Unfortunately, we had no time for the Guinness tour. I know what you’re going to say. Shut up. So we packed up and headed to the airport.

Goodbye Dublin.

Hello Edinburgh.


*I know.


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