London, England – Days 6, 7, 8 & 9 – “Hello Stonehenge!”

Thursday was a relatively slow day. I met up with Rohan who had just gotten into London and would accompany me all the way to Switzerland. We re-did a lot of the touristy stuff I already covered, so I’ll spare you that.

Friday started with a day trip to Stonehenge, which is situated all the way outside the town of Salisbury.


I’m still not entirely sure what a henge is, but for a stone one, it was pretty amazing.

Actually, I’ve been told Stonehenge is not actually a henge, by the definition, but I really have no idea, so I won’t presume any further.

Stonehenge also has a sister attraction in Old Sarum, the remains of an ancient castle from around 1200 AD. The castle has long since been taken apart to utilize the stones for other purposes.

We had a small picnic on the castle grounds. There was a large game of Jenga present, so clearly we had to play. There’s something intrinsically beautiful about playing Jenga in a castle that was torn down brick by brick.

Our Friday Night featured a trip to Caloo Callay, an Alice In Wonderland Themed cocktail bar, where we got special VIP seating, courtesy of Bhavisha and, of course, yours truly Unfortunately, we came one week too earlier, as next week they would be debuting their comic book themed cocktail menu. I cried myself to sleep that night.

After Konstantin’s departure, Saturday morning started with breakfast at MADD, or Mango Addiction, a unique little shop hidden just outside of Piccadilly Circus (which is otherwise the British Times Square). MADD serves, as you may guess, purely Mango- related products. We started our day with mango mousse, pudding, sticky rice and a bit o’ the ol’ mango smoothies.


We followed that treat up with a trip to Portobello Market, the final street market I’ll be covering in this blog. Our friend Harsh gave us a good tour of the place. Again, a variety of different old and new goods, not to mention food. I left a bit early to catch Doctor Who on actual British BBC one, which may be the only real way to watch it.

Sunday, my last day in London, began with a visit to 221b Baker Street, home to England’s most famous detective and crime fighter: James Bond.




Harsh crossed paths with us once more and we headed to Hyde Park for an old fashioned picnic. It should be noted that the English have the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted. They even look like strawberries you’d find in a children’s picture book!


I don’t think I can ever go back to our mutated genetic monstrosities ever again.

Our last hours in England were bookended by the most quintessentially British of activities: tea. We sat down at the Marriott nearby and took in an hour of tea and scones.


We bought the option known as “Ladies Tea” because it was the cheapest. I’m sure they called it “Ladies Tea” just to shame men into the higher pricing tier. Regardless, the cream, jam and scones were absolutely beautiful and delicious. The only way it could have been better was if the Queen dropped by.

A quick jaunt to the Tower Bridge was in order. The Tower Bridge is what I believe most Americans think of as London Bridge, but it is not so. London Bridge is much less impressive, probably because they got sick of rebuilding it every time it fell down.


We were quick back to our respective home bases, to retrieve our luggage and grab a bit of dinner, then to the airport for an early morning flight to Munich. We used easyjet this time, another low budget airline, but with greater class than Ryanair.

Next time: Oktoberfest!



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