Munich, Germany – Days 3 & 4 – “Cheeky Bastards, They’re Not That Drunk!”

Wednesday started with surfing. Yeah, surfing.

In Munich’s English Gardens there exists an artificial wave in a river which runs through the park. Thus, surfers come from all over the world to surf on it, as you do.


The English Gardens are a vast expanse of parkland greater than even Central Park. The most beautiful parts lie along the river. It was here that we had our picnic of bread and the most amazing jam, which we had bought at a street market prior.



Our second stop was the Olympic Stadium for the 1974 Olympics. It was pretty desolate and empty, because nothing was really going on. The stadium has weird 70s modernist architecture which makes it look like something Master Chief should blow up in Halo 4: The Search For More Money.


Finally, we returned to Oktoberfest, and this time it was personal. Three liters in about 4 hours, but paced significantly. We had lovely chats with old guys who were too drunk to even speak German correctly, and more sober Germans our age. By the end of the night we were dancing on the tables to traditional German songs such as “It’s Raining Men” and “Don’t Stop Believing”. We were also joined by “Cinnamon”, a real cool dude that I’m not sure has a real name. Best experience of the trip so far. Everyone should hit up Oktoberfest at least once.





Thursday diverted us from the alcohol scene and toward the whimsical. The three of us took a day trip the Neuschwanstein castle, the real castle upon which Disney’s magic kingdom was based on. Upon disembarking In Fussen, we spotted a bike rental shop.




Let me tell you, nothing is more magical or fun than biking to Cinderella’s castle. We were familiar with the drab, darker aspects of Bavaria through Munich and Dachau, but the scenery here may be one of the most beautiful I had ever seen. Add the castle looming in the mists, and you really do have a perfect fairy tale setting.




The inside of the castle could not be photographed, but it was, in one word, gaudy. Too gaudy for my refined tastes. Gold everywhere. Chandeliers in the shape of crowns. And…swans, for some reason.

After the tour we ran down from the castle (on a unreasonably tall cliff), grabbed our bikes and booked it back to the train station to make our train. Despite some slippage and injury on Ryan’s part, we managed to slide through the closing doors with seconds to spare.

We grabbed our stuff from our hostel, then hopped the next train to Switzerland.

Next: Hemorraging Money!

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