One Romantic Night In Salzburg: Another Interlude

Our trip from Germany to Switzerland included a 5 hour stop over in Salzburg, Austria, a city Rohan’s research had concluded would provide a fun time.

Our train dumps us in what looks like an abandoned rail yard, with industrial tanker train cars just hanging around. The station was not much more promising.

It was made of wood. Not like classy wood, that you’d find on a particularly nice door, or armoire. More like wood you could buy at the Home Depot for $24.50.

It looked like the city architects in Salzburg had bought a used IKEA train station set, lost the alan wrench, put it together anyway and still had a few pieces left.

Just so you know I’m not joking:





To avoid this monument to human despair, we hopped a bus to the old town. Everything was closed, and there was a verbally abusive drunk on the bus. He was the most entertainment we had in Salzburg.

We quickly hopped a bus back, since there was either nothing we could do or we had already missed the party. We ended up sitting outside a Burger King for hours joking about how easy it would be to burn the train station down to the ground.

We got the hell out of there.


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