Berlin, Germany – Days 3 & 4 – “The Palace Without Mice”

As I’ve mentioned before, Jackie and Melanie were only on a temporary stop in Berlin before they intended to make their way to their ultimate destination: Mykonos, Greece.

This seemed to be a point of contention, as the ladies really wanted to go to Mykonos, but the Greeks, and, indeed, the universe, felt the EXACT OPPOSITE.

The day before their scheduled flight, the Greek transportation industry shut down for a 12 hour, overnight strike. What ends does a 12 hour strike meet? None, really, except to ruin Jackie and Melanie’s travel plans.

Luckily, for them, this wasn’t a sudden development and they had been on guard since they landed in Berlin. So, they sprung into crisis management mode, emailing and calling hither dither to assess the situation and take appropriate action. It was really impressive, actually.

…until the power in the hostel went out.

So we made the trek back to their other hotel, which actually didn’t have computers for use. Instead, they rented out iPads, which is pretty cool. But, take it from someone who’s been writing on an iPad for the better part of two months, it gets really annoying.

The hotel also had these little blue candy hearts which tasted like rainbow icees. So, while I carefully investigated that new development, Jackie and Melanie finalized the particulars of their new destination: Florence, Italy.

Having averted certain doom, we took a day trip to Potsdam to see some old royal palaces. For history buffs, the name Potsdam may ring a bell as it is where the fate of post-World War II Germany was decided by The Big Three (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman).

We arrived at the Palace Sanssouci, which, according to my and Jackie’s French, translates to “The Palace Without Mice”.



There were two other palaces present. The Orangery Palace and the New Palace, along with some beautiful gardens. Lotsa mice in there!






We went back through the Town of Potsdam, which is a really charming and, yes, cute, place, especially at twilight.


For some reason, the culinary theme of this trip has been Thai food, so we, yet again, dined at a Thai restaurant.

Our train ride home was sweetened by €1 ice cream cones, which have been the cheapest and, therefore, best I’ve had since coming to the continent.

But no amount of cheap ice cream* could temper the bittersweet good nights and goodbyes we said as we arrived back in Berlin. Of course, we will have a New York reunion in the coming weeks. (*Well, it’d have to be a lot. Like three pounds.)

The girls were gone by morning, and I struck out in Berlin on my own. After going through the Jewish memorial, I proceeded to walk halfway across the city of Berlin with no particular purpose. It was actually kind of ridiculous.

It was about this time that I realized that home wasn’t far away, and that my exciting excursion had turned into a survival countdown. Was the rest of my trip going to be me just biding time until I made my glorious return to the Land of Freedom?

Spoiler alert: No!

Next Time: Paris brings sexy back.


French Partypooper’s Note: “Sanssouris” would be “Without Mice”, “Sanssouci” means “Without Worry”


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